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The Museum collections are currently in a being conserved rather than displayed, due to space restrictions and the absence of appropriate museum conditions. The materials are currently housed in a very small building which itself is in a precarious situation ever since the earthquake and is used basically as a place for storage of the collections. In the current conditions it is impossible to guarantee the required thermal and humidity regime for the preservation of the materials, were they to be on exhibit. The absence of heating in the storage houses during the winter months, drastic changes of temperature and humidity are having disastrous effects, especially on archaeological metals and on the paintings and drawings.
The Shirak Regional Museum has neither the capacity to exhibit its treasures, nor to publish information about them. The Museum currently does not have an permanent exhibition, and the thousands of artefacts are not accessible to the public. Sadly, these artefacts remain outside of cultural and scientific circulation. Despite these difficulties, the Museum has created appropriate conditions for specialists and students of archaeology, ethnography, and art to become acquainted and work with the museum's collections. The Museum also welcomes small-sized tourist groups.
In the current conditions, the efforts undertaken by the Shirak Regional Museum are aimed at the preservation, restoration and promotion of the tens of thousands of artefacts, which are considered both national and international heritage. However, these goals are met with great difficulty. The existing social-economic depression in the region, hit by the devastating earthquake of 1988, and the continuing lack of required resources has predestined many historical-cultural treasured to destruction.
In the current conditions the Shirak Regional Museum is not only powerless to carry out its principal functions, but also is not in a position to be actively engaged in the processes of establishment of democracy, founding of civic society, supporting the post-earthquake reconstruction efforts, creating new jobs, fulfilling tourism and infrastructural development projects, and raising the cultural awareness of society.

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